Snacks & Sundries

A variety of German, Swiss and Dutch imported Specialty foods that are not only our personal favorites, but which we also serve at The Chalet Inn. Including the renowned Jacobs Kronung Kaffee, Muesli, Poffertjes, Maldon Sea Salt, Red Cabbage with Apples and a variety of mustards.

“Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world.”
- Thomas Jefferson



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Deventer Cakes

This is a traditional Dutch spice breakfast cake, with 3 layers. It is dense and very flavorful. Try some with tea or coffee, any time of the day! $2.75

Life In Provence Olives

This spicy olive mix that includes gherkins, onions and chili peppers was born to accompany dinner cocktails. $3.75

Salamini Stick

Salamini (get it?) are bite size Salami morsels made with Berkshire pork, wine, garlic, and smoked over applewood fires. $2.50

French Baguette

A great baguette which is crusty on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside. Perfect for accompanying cheeses, vegetables, wine, or anything! $1.50

German Pretzel

A soft, doughy delight that is perfect for enjoying with some nice mustard and, of course, an ice cold beer! $1.50

Wilhelmina Peppermints

A Dutch favorite, Wilhelmina peppermints have a long standing tradition. These delicious candies have just the right amount of mint, with a crisp outer shell. $2.75

Rendez-Vous Candy In Tin

All Natural Hard Candies, imported from France. Each individual candy is uniquely shaped to represent its flavor variety. Available in eight delicious varieties, each packaged in a round tin with dramatic, eye-catching, flavor-themed graphics. $2.00

Qunioa Snack Puffs

Imagine the cheese (or salted caramel)  puff of your childhood, but all grown up. it's healthy now, made with quinoa and packing 5g of protein, and comes in two refined flavors. The puffs are a great afternoon snack, sandwich side, or hors d'oeuvre. $4.00

Tapaz 2 Go

A gluten-free snack solution that combines a tub of delicious hummus and a single serve pouch of  lentil crackers in a convenient, portable snack pack. $4.00


Delicatessen German mustard $3.50


Gündelsheimer German white pickled cabbage $6.00


Kühne German red cabbage with apple $6.00

White Asparagus

Haddon House white aspargus, serve warm or cold. $3.75

Maggi Seasoning

A Dutch versatile seasoning for soups and sauces. $3.25

Maldon Sea Salt

This Sea Salt, used by the best Chefs around the world, is only produced by The Maldon Crystal Salt Company in England. $8.00

Dr. Oetker Crème Brulee

Instant Dessert Mix, Classic Creme Brulee, with Caramelizing Sugar. $3.25

Familia Original Müesli

An imported Swiss cereal blend of the finest grains and select fruits and nuts. $6.00

Familia Low Fat Granola

An all-natural blend of fruity apple flakes mixed with whole grains and nuts that are chopped and roasted in-house for best flavor. For almost 50 years, Familia has been developing both traditional and innovative natural cereals. Imported from Switzerland, known as the birthplace of muesli, Familia offers a variety of nutrient-rich cereals that everyone can enjoy. Familia also supports farmers who believe in preserving the environment. $8.00

Jacobs Krönung Caffee

Top of the line quality German coffee. $11.50

Koopmans Poffertjes Mix

Poffertjes mix for mini Dutch Pancakes. Butter and sprinkle with powdered sugar for breakfast or dessert. $5.75

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Chips and such $0.80